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Baking with Unicorns is an interactive recipe site for parents and kids to understand gender and sexuality. The gender binary can have negative consequences on a child’s development. However, this is confusing for a lot of parents and kids. This site helps families understand gender as a spectrum and learn more about themselves and each other.

Methods + Tools

User Research

User Interviews




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Jan 2020 - May 2020


Large Viewport · Desktop

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My challenge was to figure out how to educate families, especially parents, about gender as a spectrum. I wanted this experience to be engaging for the parents and children and hope that they can learn more about each other and themselves along the way. Almost everyone is familiar with baking; this includes doing the actual baking to eating the sweets. If I could connect baking with gender and sexuality, it would be easier for families to understand.




Online Research

I started the project by doing online research about the different types of genders and sexualities. After this, I researched how colleges and high schools create spaces for students in the LGBTQ+ communities. As a result, I found websites and guides on how parents can support their kids who come out. 

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User Research

After doing online research, I went straight to the users. I wanted to get information about people who believe in gender as a binary and as a spectrum. I sent a survey and conducted interviews.


Survey Responses

Why do you believe gender is a binary or spectrum?

Binary Believers

  • God created each person male or female

  • People should stay their assigned gender

  • Biology + Science as opposed to culture

  • How things always been

  • Simple to think about 2 genders

  • Not informed enough about the topic

Spectrum Believers

  • Gender is a Social Construct

  • Identity cannot fit into existing binary

  • Gender is complicated

  • Not to judge how people id themselves

  • Make more sense - does not restrict people

  • Gender is fluid

  • In other societies gender is more abstract

User Interviews

User Personas

A majority of my interviews were with the LGBTQ+ Community. However, I interviewed people who believed gender as a binary, which was insightful. Also, I interviewed a professor who taught sociology of gender at the university. After the interviews, I made user personas for an LGBTQ+ member, a binary believer, and a professional.


Interview Synopsis

user-interview synop-04.png




Once I compiled all my research and organized my data, I started to ideate possible solutions. I tried to think of different approaches like print materials, websites, or a game. My ultimate goal was to create an interactive experience for parents and kids to do together. 


The ideas in yellow were the top 3 choices for this project. After discussing with classmates, professors, and users, I decided to go with an interactive cookbook. It would be more than an app and something different that is not online. The first step was to name the site and create some branding for it.

Logo + Branding


Cookbook to Website

I had to pivot a few times. I started to design a cookbook. However, not many people owned a printed cookbook. As a result, I switched to creating an ebook. Yet again, when I talked to my users, they said they found recipes online. Furthermore, the majority of people learned about gender and sexuality from the internet.

Ebook Version 1

Website Version 1


Website Version 2

Sex vs Gender.png
Gender Identity.png

Baking + Photography

I baked a majority of the recipes and took my own photos for the website.



I stepped out of my comfort zone and created illustrations for the website.

figures 1.png


For a year, I had this project topic in my mind. My senior Capstone class gave me the opportunity to fulfill this goal. I learned more about gender and sexuality which allowed me to do a lot of self-reflecting. I believe I can be a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community and keep using my design skills to make the world better. I would love to keep developing this project and hand code it myself in the future.