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4-H State Office

Branding / Merchandise / Illustration / Animation

I interned at the 4-H State Office for 2.5 years. I was the designer for a new program called TechQUEST. However, I did design work for other events including, t-shirt design, print materials, and animations.

Illinois Summer Academy

T-Shirt Design

Illinois Summer Academies (ISA) is a summer camp hosted by 4-H to introduce high school students to college. Each student picks an academy to learn more about for the week. The academies include Animal Science, ECE, MCB, Game Design, Human Development, and more. For the t-Shirt, I was supposed to represent each academy in some way. In the past, they used icons. However, I had creative freedom to do whatever I wanted. So, I did!​



Just for fun, I made an animation of the t-shirt that 4-H could use on their website as a promo video for the event.

Illinois 4-H Publish Speaking Contest

4-H excels in preparing youth to speak confidently. This event allows students to highlight their presentation abilities in a supportive environment. There are four divisions: formal speech, illustrated speech, original works, and oral interpretation. I created a logo for the event, signage, merchandise, and a competition bracket.


Public Speaking Brand-01.png

Event Materials

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